Volume 26, Number 10


October 2015

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2015 Marine Environmental Awards Luncheon – October 27 at the Battle House Hotel

Top – David Doubilet with Shark. Credit Jennifer Hayes. Bottom left – Andrew Saunders. Bottom right – John L. Borom Alabama Coastal Birdfest.

This year's Marine Environmental Awards Luncheon (MEAL) offers guests the chance to meet world-renowned National Geographic photographer David Doubilet and the opportunity to honor two worthy recipients who have made outstanding contributions to the marine environment in the Alabama Gulf Coast Region – Mr. Andrew Saunders (individual award) and The John L. Borom Alabama Coastal Birdfest (organization award). (READ MORE)

Blazing (Virtual) Trails to the Classroom

Article 2
Marine Educator Greg Graeber discusses characteristics of a Mako shark with students at Nichols-Lawson Middle School.

For several years, Discovery Hall Programs (DHP) has participated in the Alabama State Department of Education's ACCESS distance learning programs. ACCESS (Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide) uses video conferencing software, installed in most public middle and high schools around the state, to connect classrooms to other remote locations, like the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Classrooms connect in real time to view presentations, see exhibits, and interact with presenters just as if they were there in person! (READ MORE)

Manatee "Zewie" Cause of Death Determined; Search Continues for Manatee "Brodie"

Top left - After a manatee dies, researchers can use a special scanner to recognize some known manatees like Zewie who have personal identification tags. Credit - Carmichael 2015; top right - Zewie in 2010. Credit - Brinkman 2010; bottom - DISL researchers are currently searching for Brodie, a manatee wearing a small tag like the one shown here. Credit - MSN 2015.

On August 21, 2015, the body of Zewie, one of Alabama's most well-known manatees, was recovered from Mobile Bay. Necropsy results and subsequent veterinary assessment have identified the cause of death as probable acute watercraft strike. Zewie's death is the first warm weather mortality of an adult manatee in Alabama since the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (DISL) began its manatee research program in 2007 and is the first known mortality due to a boat strike. (READ MORE)

Come Explore the Deep with DHP!

article 4
Teachers build methane hydrate models while learning more about the importance of this substance in deep-ocean environments.

What makes the Sea Lab so successful? The ideal location, on the Gulf of Mexico? The award-winning courses and programs? These would mean far less without the drive, determination and innovation of a dedicated staff, and we are so pleased when outside organizations recognize them as well. (READ MORE)

DISL Graduate Students Help with Alabama Coastal Clean-up

article 5
Top - Coastal Clean-up check in at Cadillac Park. Credit - Caitlin Wessel. Bottom - graduate students from the University of South Alabama pose with the trash they cleaned up from Little Dauphin Island during the clean-up. (l-r: Michael Norberg, Sara Friedl, Pearce Cooper, Anika Knight, Kara Gadeken, Whitney Scheffel, Sarah Frankenberg, Lauren Willis, Steve Dykstra, Aaron Macy). Credit - Steve Gardner.

Saturday, September 19, 2015 was the 28th annual Alabama Coastal Clean-up and the 30th annual International Coastal Clean-up. In their tradition of service to the local community, the graduate students at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab lead the Dauphin Island clean-up efforts. (READ MORE)

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